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The 4 collections detailed below
are included Free on our bonus

DVD #2 (Comprising Four Parts as follows):

During our Business Package promotion you may choose one of our two fabulous bonus discs (DVD 1 or DVD 2) with any Business Package!

Sizes up to 28 inches. plus ultra high resolution images for standard format printers too!

Earth As Art

A WONDERFUL SELECTION of 156 in total, highly detailed satellite images in various sizes - large and standard format.

 These beautiful satellite images (see examples on the left) which NASA dubs “Earth as Art” were mainly from the Landsat 7 satellite, and were created by the USGS National Center for EROS to introduce the general public to the Landsat Program, which is administered jointly by USGS and NASA. Various combinations of the eight Landsat 7 spectral bands were selected to create the vivid RGB composites featured. Some of the images also derive from a combination of Landsat 7 and the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) aboard the Terra Satellite.

*All the images are in the public domain, although please note Timecamera has enhanced each of them for digital printing. Therefore these versions are unique to Timecamera.com and may not be copied or distributed. For Print usage purposes you have our permission to use our versions in accordance with our Terms of Use, in association with NASA’s own permission for use of the original image image versions, as they state here:-

NASA Statement: “You are more than welcome to use our images - they are public domain”. Please use this image credit: - "Image courtesy of USGS National Center for EROS and NASA Landsat Project Science Office."

Regarding the folders included, there are three. One includes large format images approx.28 inches square (which may be reduced for smaller printer usage) and includes a border plus title and description. Another features the images without the border for other artistic use. Again, the latter is large format having approx 24 inches square pictures. The third folder has additional images suitable for standard format printers. These are very high resolution being just under 400 dpi each. Full descriptions of the images are also included.

Vintage Pin-Up Girls

A BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION of 284 vintage pin-up girls, both black and white and in colour. Ideally printed in the original postcard size for vintage pin-ups, most are supplied in that size but several come a bit larger. Still others are smaller and are high resolution (300dpi). Feel free to experiment to find the optimum to suit yourself.

 As with the film star pictures on Disc 1, although in common usage the copyright status of these images is still something of a grey area (see the earlier note here).

The Ultimate
Software Collection!


Over 50 brand new "must-have" software programs in one amazing package! You will love
using these profitable, time-saving new software tools! The disc includes all the following...


Make Giant Posters & Even Wall Murals!

Many of our higher resolution images are suitable for making your own giant blow-ups. With this utility you don't even need to own a large format printer!

For your fun, pleasure (and possibly also profit) we are including on the Bonus Disc #2 a free copy of a very useful mural creator utility.

This handy piece of software will easily allow you to make murals plus large posters with a few clicks of your mouse.

 Using your favourite Timecamera images it allows you to divide them into easily printed sections which you can then re-assemble for display at whatever size you choose. Amazing results are possible with this must-have piece of free software.

Make Your Own Murals!

1. Site Submitter. It's a Known Fact that 85% of website traffic comes from the top search engines. This New Software will submit your site to the Top 40 Search engines. Click a button, wait 10 seconds, done!
2. Auto-Responder Unlimited.
Now you can have your own, easy to install Auto-Responder Service for free! Complete with a turn-key website. Auto-Responder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners who want to take control of their online operations.
3. Traffic Boost.
10 Great Scripts to Bring Traffic To Your Website.
4. Ad. Tracker Tool v2.1.
The Ultimate Ad Tracking Tool is a Must for every online Marketer! Tracking your ads, downloads, affiliate links & more. Lets you know what's effective in advertising!

5. Website Toll Booth.
Analyze Your Web Traffic like Never Before! Traffic Toll Booth is an easy to use/easy to install website script that gives you all the information uou need about your web traffic.
6. Web Radar.
Keep Surfers Coming Back by offering internet connection speed testing on your site with Web Radar. No complicated cgi scripts...simply upload the html page!
7. Banner Buddy.
Use Banner Buddy To Quickly Generate Banner/Text Link HTML! With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site.
8. Domain Alarm.
Be one of the first to own this Brand New software!
Is Your Website Working Properly? Use Domain Alarm And Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down!
9. eZy Java Popup Wizard.
This utility makes it easy to make pop-ups for your website... Simple Copy and Paste! Small and compact. Extremely easy to use.
10. Defend Your Domain. Defend Your Domain from Hackers! This e-book contains valuable information on to how to protect your source code from being read.
11. Amazing Web Tools. Twelve Quality Software Products all contained in this one Master eBook.. 1. Instant Site Maker 2. Affiliate Link Masker 3. Instant Email Scramble 4. Popup Generator 5. Java Script Magic 6. Instant Book-Mark 7. Affiliate Defender 8. Instant Meta Maker 9. Defend Your Domain 10. Popup Power 11. Instant Site Safe 12. Vend-O-Matic.
12. Black Label Edition II. Very versatile set of tools and scripts for website owners. Over 30 useful tools and scripts here, in one convenient interface. Enhance your website and add scripts with ease!
13. Magic Subscriber.
Magic Subscriber reduces the amount of time and money you need to get more customers and sales. Automatically captures your visitors' email addresses without form filling!
14. Secret Pop-Up Maker. Allows you to open a popup on exit 6 seconds to 30 minutes after the surfer has left your site. The program allows you to choose the options you want, like toolbar, menu bar, resizable window and more.
15. Picture Perfect Image Viewer. Picture Perfect is an easy to use image viewer that won't change all your image file settings! Just pick the folder to browse and view the images. Software also comes with a slideshow feature.
16. Thumb Nail It. Thumb Nail It is a simple, easy to use programme to make thumb-nailing of entire folders fast and easy.
17. Picture Gallery Maker. Will easily make Picture Gallery Web-pages for your site with the simple wizard interface! Use it to display a group of photos on the web! Now with optional thumbnail images.
18. Shoot It Screen Capture. Screen Shoot-It is a simple and easy to use program that will easily capture screenshots from your computer.
19. The Genius Guide. Loaded with Information and Products. The Genius Guide to Website Design offers information with a Purpose! All the Resources and Tools You will Ever Need to Build and Maintain a Great-looking, User-Friendly Website.
20. Softwarepak's HTML Editor. A great html editor script that can be uploaded to a website and used online anytime you wish from anywhere. Extremely convenient to edit web pages and auction html.
21. Name Branding Syndicator. Name branding on the web is one of the most important things you could think of doing for yourself. Use this software and get your name online world wide with 100% ease and with NO coding knowledge!
22. Your Own Encryption Site. Your Encryption Site is a rare & unique website that allows you to encrypt your HTML code!
With so many websites being illegally duplicated, webmasters need to protect their investment from code thieves.
23. HTML Encryptor.
This New Software is Fast and will effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page. Create backups as you encrypt and you can preserve your Meta Tags too. Protects PayPal Links Too!
25. HTML Compressor. HTML Compressor is Fast and Will effectively compress Your html files while preserving your meta tags.
26. Smokin Fast HTML Remover. The Smokin Fast HTML Remover is very easy to use and removes all body html and most head tags. Save your files easily into a text file.
27. Webcam Software. Turn your webcam into a Motion Detecting Security Camera. Works with any Video for Windows Compatible webcam and Digital Cameras. It can put text, date/time stamp and bitmaps on the captured image before the image is stored.
28. Redirect Boss. If you have multiple domain names and you want to operate each as it's own web site, then Redirect Boss can create the scripts you need.
29. Java Script Magic. Now you can add cutting-edge design wizardry to your web pages without deciphering programmers 'techie' instructions, wasting time searching for scripts, or taking a three month web design course.
30. Java Script Pro.
Java Source Machine, the best java script tool! Java Source Machine includes 15 different java scripts.
31. Java Script II. Java Source Machine, the best java script tool! Java Source Machine includes 15 additional java scripts and
makes it easy to use. You input what you want, then preview or generate code.
32. Group Mail It. A Great Program to Manage your contacts, Newsletters or e-Zines. Nothing to install just download and run. Lots of options!
33. Back Up Pro. You can use the built-in timer to schedule a back up time for any time you wish. Back up any amount of folders, anywhere on your system. Copy files to another location and zip them if you wish!
34. eZy Ezine Ad Formatter. New software easily and instantly formats your ezine ads to fit any publishers character length specifics saving you time and frustration.
35. eZine Blaster. Stop Risking Your Ad Budget! Cut it down to Zero and Skyrocket your profits! Your FREE ads to over 188,000 verified, targeted subscribers!
36. eZine Mailer.
Ezine Mailer is a software program which allows you to manage mailing lists with ease. Fully automatic subscribe and unsubscribe request, self manage address book and more.
37. Filter Buster. Software that will check your ads for the trigger words that set off spam filters! Filter Buster will help find the trigger words within your eMail ads so they CAN reach intended readers!
38. Payment Linker. This software will create a custom payment link that can easily be copied and pasted into an email or a web site, so that when it is clicked on, the user will be taken to PayPal.com to make the appropriate payment. A real time-saver for your customers!
39. 114 Flash Banners. Put life into any web page! Just cut and paste the flash banners and intros into your webpage to create stunning effects. You don't need to know anything about flash.
40. 100+ Website Templates. What you get is 100+ good looking Professional Webpage templates. This is one of the best deals
on webpage templates ever put together!
41. Affiliate Page Maker.
Introducing Affiliate PageMaker, a brand new Software Utility to create and Promote affiliate programs on the internet. Whichever affiliate network you belong to, you can use this simple tool to boost your affiliate sales.
42. Three Minute Headline Creator. This program will do 3 things: .1 Build your mailing list 2 Make $$ from selling the resell rights and 3 Create great headlines!
43. Java Script Compressor. JavaScript Compressor is a simple and easy to use tool to compress your java script files. Super easy to use!
44. Table Wizard.
The Table Wizard makes it easy to make the perfect table. Extremely easy to use. Fill in the blanks, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site!
45. Pay Per Text Marketing System. In just a few minutes you'll see exactly how you can use the Pay Per Text Marketing System to generate more leads and sales. All of the ground work has been done for you.
46. Pop-Up Generator. Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Pop-ups So Easy, A Child Can Do It! Increase profitability - add pop-ups to your web-site in just minutes!
47. System Tools For Re-Selling. Ezy Unzip - IE Blaster - MRU Wizard - Filer Destroyer - Key Monitor - Backup Pro - Popup Zapper -Password Saver - Password Generator- IP Blocker - People Finder - File Splitter - New: eZy Zip is an easy to use Zip programme. Zip files and folders with ease! And even password protect Your zip files. Simple.
48. E-Mail List Cleaner. Quickly and Easily eliminate duplicate email addresses from any email list! Send out mailings with
confidence knowing recipients will not get duplicate emails!
49. How To Build HTML.
This very educational eBook contains 18 chapters teaching the ins and outs of web page html. Lots of advice for new and experienced website designers.
50. HTML Security Report. "Are Your Visitors Stealing From You?" Exposed At Last: The Dirty Methods Internet Thieves Use To Quietly Steal Up To 46% Of Your Profits... And What You Can Do To Stop Them.
51. Dropdown Wizard. Easily Create Drop Down Menus! Unbelievable and SUPER easy to use software makes creating drop down menus a BREEZE! Create Drop Down Menus that PERFECTLY match your website!
52. Be Your Own Boss. "Be Your Own Boss" is an e-book with a 7 page website about inventing your own successful home-based business based on your own individual strengths and your passion. It covers over 80 topics related to growing your home-based business online.
53. Virtual Investigations v3.1. Some of the titles in this eBook resource: Find, locate people. Investigative resources. Crooks and scam artists. Research database. Underground resources, more!

* Note 'bonuses' or 'free gifts' do not constitute part of the purchase price and are supplied without charge and without product support. Where not produced by us there is no guarantee of quality or a 'fit for purpose' claim made or implied on behalf of the manufacturer.




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© Copyright 2006-19 C.& M.A.Smith/Timecamera. All prints and photographs featured on this site are the result of extensive restoration work and are protected Internationally under strict Copyright Law. No images or written text shall be reproduced without our express written permission. Sales are offered on the basis that the images shall not be misrepresented or sold onwards as originals.