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A Graphics-Capable Printer Can
Earn You
Money - Even a Living!


Test It Yourself

DIGITALLY PRINTED photographs are now practically indistinguishable from the 'real' thing with the aid of today's Graphics Capable Printers - in fact with our added enhancements digital vintage photos and prints are often better than the 'real' thing!

Logical Step Forward

It's a perfectly logical next step forward therefore to utilise the same printers for the making of reproduction Collectible and Antique Prints and Photos which, again can often be an improvement on traditional methods such as letterpress printing with it's usual unfortunate tell-tale dot pattern or obvious micro cross hatching signs.

Can you see the
quality difference?

Take one of our unique digitally-enhanced photos or lithograph Master Images from any collection, print it on the recommended stock using a photo capable inkjet.

 Then take a magnifying glass and try and tell the difference between a real lithograph, the digitally printed one from Timecamera and a repro made by any of the traditional methods. Only the traditionally made copy will be an obvious fake. The same applies for photographs.

Our specially enhanced images are of real and rare Prints and Photographs. All you need is your computer printer to turn them once again into real prints and photos - plus imagination to do it.

We could try and persuade you until the cows come home if you're a cynic but the proof of any pudding is in its eating - and it's there to see.


What is a Suitable Computer Printer for Making Repro Prints/Photos?

Fact is, technology has forged ahead in leaps and bounds in recent years. Now, with the popularity of digital cameras forcing the pace, print quality on even the most basic of modern computer printers is higher than ever to meet the demand for photos and/or prints that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

The answer therefore is that if your existing standard home inkjet - or other type of graphics-capable computer printer can make good use of photo quality paper - practically all can - naturally it is also suitable for making high quality repro antique prints and photos using our uniquely-enhanced image collections (see left). Print quality is so good nowadays it can be hard to tell real from repro!

 The Test Marketing...

If your printer is extremely old and can't print quality images, then one can very easily be purchased at extremely low cost in any high street or large supermarket chain! The low cost of a new printer is quickly recoverable so it shouldn't hold you back. This is handy as you may find that as your business expands, one machine will become hard pressed to keep up with the steadily increasing demand, as we discovered during our test-selling trials.

Low Overheads

Since our test marketing, with the explosion in the digital camera business, quality of printers has increased much further still.

Supplied Sizes


Each collection includes physically large images of varying sizes depending on the original material but all are suitable for use on standard size (A4) computer printers with minor adjustments, even when supplied at even greater sizes than that.


Although maximised in size by us throughout, naturally antique images are unlikely to be exactly "A4" or above in their original proportions and varying margin trimming may be required to suit the paper you use.

Certain images may need to be reduced in size using a simple photo editing utility to use on a standard size printer (a simple task) if they are from collections particularly aimed at larger format printers.
* See Below for Info on Large Print Size


Prices have also been greatly lowered again since our sales testing ended. Incidentally, print retail sales are no longer part of our business following completion of the test marketing. Therefore we are no longer in a position to recommend printer models or offer instruction in their use and this is a task more suited to a computer store. Naturally if your aim is to print T-shirts, mugs, tin signs, tiles etc (many of our customers do) then you will need to look particularly at equipment capable of performing these special tasks.

Factors to Consider

 If you intend to sell at low cost rather than at a premium price then ink costs become important but the sales price per Print more than covers the outlay. The key factors are versatility, quality, speed, photo quality and economy both in price and replacement ink cartridges. A note of caution - make sure your chosen model is capable of printing at least full size photo quality prints, not just half size as some low end models do.

Panorama capability is also handy if you choose to market these but the huge variety of other print and photo types available means this is not essential and panoramas can be joined in sections instead. In fact this is how most museums store the originals anyway. Although most ink cartridges may seem expensive initially the per-print overhead is low and easily built into your costing.


On the latter subject, we would not recommend many non-branded colour cartridge versions as the colour balance is sometimes inadequate and needs to be tested first. Black may be a different matter generally, although pre-testing again is recommended. Test also for tendency to fading which can be a problem with cheap ink alternatives. The same applies to continuous ink systems which can be fitted to printers of all makes if you are producing in bulk. Again, go for quality rather than lowest cost.

More details on inks together with paper hints and tips also, come with the 'Start-Up Manual' with each of our discount Business Packages.


01. Antique Scenic Lithographs  
Vintage Nautical Prints   
03. c1800's Horse Racing Lithos   
04. c1800's Battle Lithographs   
05. Magician Flyers/Posters   
06. Black Music Covers Vol.1   
07. Antique Japanese Woodblocks   
08. Vintage Circus Collection   
09. Risqué Postcards Vol.1   
10. Vintage Seaside Photos Vol.1   
11. Artist Utility Package   
12. Old Master Paintings Vol. 1   
13. Vintage French Poster Ads.   
14. Vintage Fashion Prints   
15. Transport Ephemera Vol.1   
Sports Prints & Panoramas   
17. Children's Book Illusts. Vol. 1   
18. Best Selling Photo Panoramas   
19. Popular Wild West Images   
20. Crate Labels, Cigar Labels   
21. Antique Science Plates   
22. Antique Anatomy on DVD   
23. High Res. Panoramic Maps   
24. High Res. Saucy/Humorous       
25. The  'Eclectic' Variety Collection   
26. Big Photo Panoramas: Mining   
27. Big Panoramas: Racing/Tracks   
28. Baseball News Photos.   
29. Old Master Paintings Vol.2.   
30. Old Master Paintings Vol.3.   
31. Big Panoramas: Fire Depts.   
32. Big Panoramas Amer. Indians   
33. Vintage Children's Illusts Vol 2   
34. Wales Photochroms 2xDVDs.   
35.  Scotland Photochroms 2xDVD   
36. Rare Houdini Photos & Prints   
37. Vintage SciFi Comic Covers   
38. Risqué Postcards Vol. 2.   
39. Children's Illusts. Vol. 3.   
 40. Large Engravings (2xDVD).   
 41. High Res. Mini Panoramas.   
42. Ireland Colour Photochroms.   
 43. Big Panoramas: Beauty Parades   
44. Vintage USA Street Scenes.   
45. Dante's Divine Comedy Engrv.   
Black Collectible Covers Vol 2   
47. Seaside Scenes Vol 2 'Europe'   
48. Street Scenes 'Europe'   
49. Detective Fiction Cover Illusts   
50. Western Fiction Comic Covers   
51. Victorian Trade Cards   
52. Vintage 'Fairies' Prints   
53.  Antique Seed Catalogue Covers   
Vintage Transport Images Vol 2  
55. Old Masters Paintings Vol 4   
56.  Silver Screen Movie Collection   
57.  Full Size Risque/Nude Studies.   
58. John Cary High Res Map Sets   
59. 'Eastern Persuasion' Propaganda   
60. Art Nouveau 'Jugend' Art Mag.   
61. High Res Bird Illusts (Vol.1)   
62. High Res Antique Floral Prints   
63. High Res Horror Comic Covers   
64. High Resolution Fish Prints   
65. High Res Hummingbirds   
66. High Resolution Architectural   
67. Rare Antique Animal Prints.   
68. Standard Size Engravings.   
69. Antique Orchid Prints   
70. Old Master Paintings Volume 5   
 71. Antique Advertising. 
72. Flore D'Amerique Prints. 
73. Scotland The Engraved.
74. The Insect Kingdom.

75. Antique Fruit Prints.
Super Saver Sets:-
County Maps, Perfume Labels, Song Sheets, Game Birds, Crystal Palace, P. J. Redoute, Johannes Kip, Horseracing 2, Science 2, Musical Instruments, England Mansions, Victorian Engravings
New:- Versailles Prints
89. Jumbo Fashion Prints.
90. Jumbo Japanese Prints
91. Jumbo Paintings Prints.

 Plus the Big 9xDVD
Series of c1900
England Photochroms.

Don't forget to view our Large Format selections
 of high resolution images (see below).

More guidance on panorama printing HERE

Large Size Prints?  

WE are often asked 'how big can I print your restored images'? The following ever-expanding list of high res. subjects offer plenty of scope for use with larger format printers (see individual collection details for resolution/size):-


High Resolution & Large Format Sets

England Photochroms Ireland Scotland, Wales(each of the latter having file sizes of approx 30mb each) Western Comics Detective Comics, Large Engravings High Res. Panoramic Maps, Humorous Lithos Seaside Scenes Vol.2,  Euro Street Scenes Silver Screen,   Risque/Nude Studies John Cary Antique Map Sets 'Eastern Persuasion' Propaganda,  Japanese Large Format Expansion Set (sample),  Antique Bird Illustrations Vol.1 in Multiple Formats. (sampleAntique Floral Prints, (sample) Horror Comic Covers  Antique Prints of Fishes,  & now also the new Hummingbirds (Birds Vol.2)   Architectural Drawings and A3-Sized along with high resolution too Antique Orchid Prints plus the new Old Masters Volume 5 & latest introductions Antique Advertising and A3 Size, Ultra High Res. restored prints from Flore D'Amerique.,  Insect Kingdom & Fruit Prints.
Kohler's Medicinal Plants.

PLUS also our new hi-res Super Saver Sets
an economical series for Professional Print Makers.


 Note also that nearly all collections do in fact also include a good selection of high res. images for large size/poster printing. Consider also that master images supplied at approx A4 physically are already larger than most other sellers to begin with (also all uniquely restored and enhanced for digital printing).  They remain the best image collections available.

Bargain Priced

 We make no claim to being a picture library - neither do we charge their extreme rates. Although our images may be manipulated to print any size, and many are supplied in large format to begin with we cannot bend the law of physics which governs that the larger the print is made, inevitably resolution will begin to diminish. What then constitutes 'sales quality' is entirely a matter of personal taste and the 'how big can I print them without losing quality' type of impossible to answer question must of necessity be referred here.

We had to set firm limits when doing our own print test-marketing to be sure of a fully viable business product for making reproductions Our prints were very successfully sold in the variety of sizes physically supplied on disc and that is the market we have been happy to aim at without going to limited demand markets such as murals. See our info page Here.

Does What is Claimed

Our product is very successful at doing what is claimed. Accordingly, due to the large amount of time it takes to answer non- standard usage e-mails re. 'how big can I print without any quality loss' (there is always commensurate loss) regretfully we may not always have resources to respond at busy times.

Consider carefully our current extremely low rates for collections containing hundreds of restored and copyright safe images. If you own a large format printer it makes sense at these minimal prices to buy at least one or two collections to test suitability for your own large print needs, particularly of those collections mentioned above as containing especially high resolution and/or large size.

You will also likely be pleasantly surprised at how many ultra high resolution  images are included. Considering we uniquely go the extra mile by restoring and enhancing our images for digital printing too you would be hard pressed to find better quality or value collections anywhere!

Looking for quantity pricing? Please go Here for 5, 10 and 20-collection special offers.

The Importance of Paper Choice

Getting the paper right is essential too. With the correct paper, a restored image which has been enhanced for digital printing (as Timecamera images are) can result in a print that is very difficult to tell from the antique original.

Too often one or both of the above factors is neglected with cheap prints made from sub-standard paper and an un-restored low quality image and the result can be an extremely poor and lifeless product, together with an inevitably disappointed customer.

Take the importance of restoration for example. Amateur sellers offering sub-standard  image collections forget to realise that imperfections such as stains and age damage tend to stand out in a print - especially if not real.

Professional Insight

 Nothing looks so obvious as a printed tear for example, yet such offerings are commonplace at certain on-line venues, even to the extent of some vendors printing them on non-photo-quality paper to make the fake effect even more pronounced, and all for the sake of a cheap selling price and lack of foresight, or professional insight.

Yet choosing the ‘right’ paper with the correct properties is a simple matter when one knows how, having learned the hard way over a period, and doing it right can make all the difference between success and failure.

GUIDANCE on proper paper choice is
 provided in the instructions supplied
with all our image collections.
Until you find your own supplier
you can try our paper HERE

Printing & Marketing Tips...

Essential printing, paper and marketing tips are included with any purchase of a 'Complete Business Package' in a handy 22-page Guide provided on disc, although please note with our low price structure we are unable to offer printing tuition or individual business / marketing advice and are not in a position to provide info on prices and sources for supply items.

 There are a myriad possible ways to sell Prints so apart from a good kick-start, as with any wholesaler we provide the stock (the images) while the business part is left to your good self.


Easy Market Research

Overall, unless you are already a professional 'Printer', equipment and materials can be as economical as a Business Package itself - and easily absorbed within the prices you set. After all you do not have to risk money buying retail stock which will sit on a shelf until sold!

With regard to pricing, market research is a good business tool and this is an easy task via the internet. Ours is a first class business, so take advantage of current special price offers and launch an easily-run business today.

New Economical Ink Printer Range...

WHILE we do not as a rule recommend any particular printer models the new Epson range of Ecotank printers deserves a mention at least due to their unusual emphasis on low cost inks, plus infrequent need for a replacement which comes in very handy for this business.

 Rather than cartridges they use top-up bottles of the various colour inks which are unusually inexpensive at only about £10 each and they last for months with frequent use (they claim years). While the initial cost for one of these printers is more realistic than the cheap subsidised brands on the market (which rely on future ink sales to make their profit) the savings overall for heavy use print-making here helps a lot with overheads for any print-making business.

They come in basic models up to all the bells and whistles on, A4 and A3. Well worth a look.

Large Format? Three Supplement Sets of Jumbo-Sized Images Are Now Available by Download Link or USB Stick

NEW FOR OUR LARGE FORMAT USERS:- THREE Economy Combo Collections featuring ALL the A3 Jumbo Sized, Very High Resolution Victorian Fashion Plates and Japanese Woodblocks also Old Master Paintings formally offered as 'Mini Download' groups!

1. Victorian Fashion Plates HERE 2. A3 Paintings HERE 3. Japanese Prints HERE

Visit Timecamera.net for Instant Downloads!



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New:- Instant Downloads!

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© Copyright 2006-20 C.& M.A.Smith/Timecamera. All prints and photographs featured on this site are the result of extensive restoration work and are protected Internationally under strict Copyright Law. No images or written text shall be reproduced without written permission. Sales are offered on the basis that the images shall not be misrepresented as originals.