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 'And now for your listening pleasure' ...

Massive Radio Archive
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Western ~ Horror ~ Detective/Crime ~ Science Fiction ~ More

refers to radio shows from the early days of radio broadcasting
between the mid 1920's through 1960 in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Canada and some other countries.

Many Thousands of Hours from a Golden Age

This "golden age of radio" included all genres of amazing recordings which were frequently performed live by top name performers. The term usually applies to dramas, comedies, mystery shows, westerns and variety shows.

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 Hosts of eager families would regularly sit around their radio listening to the exciting broadcasts in much the same way as we sit around television sets today. A great deal of radio history was lost or never recorded and existing episodes still in circulation were primarily stored by fans or sponsors of the programs. Old Time Radio shows on MP3 DVDs can be stored on or played on a computer with a DVD drive. It is easy to listen to MP3 files on your computer or to copy them to a portable MP3 player like Apple's iPod or any of numerous other portable MP3 players. Once stored on computer they can then also be converted to audio CD’s.

Offered here on 12x DVDs are Many Thousands of Hours of Exciting and Nostalgic Entertainment from the Golden Age of Radio

HERE NOW is your opportunity to enjoy this exciting revival with these (now in the public domain*) broadcasts offered here on DVD in MP3. All the favourites
are here in a massive package consisting of a huge selection of different shows and many episodes. Use the programmes that interest you as is or even convert them onto CDs for a wider range of playing equipment. The choice is yours and there is enough material in each category for a host of various options.

 Q. Can I sell vintage radio episodes myself? Many companies and enterprising individuals freely retail a wide range from this wonderful storehouse of public domain entertainment material without any problem - either as particular series or individual programs, in MP3 format as supplied for computer use or converted onto CD audio format for a wider market.

With a purchase of this library you are granted permission to use selections from them as you wish, but naturally you may not illicitly copy or distribute our own discs 'as is' as they represent our unique copyrighted 'compilations' and proprietary product*

This Giant Variety Package Includes ALL
Of The Following Subject Bundles Combined...

1. The Western Collection

The Lone Ranger
Hopalong Cassidy

A big collection of Over 3,000 Episodes from many well known Western radio shows, including the following...

All Star Western Theatre, Fort Laramie, Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, Have Gun Will Travel, Horizons West, Lone Ranger, Red Ryder, Six Shooter, Tennessee Jed Sloane, Wild Bill Hickock, The Cisco Kid, Frontier Fighters, Gunsmoke, Hopalong Cassidy, Hawk Larabee, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, Tales of the Texas Rangers, and Will Rogers.

Many weeks of MP3 pleasure.
There are Four Jam-Packed DVD Volumes in the 'Western' section alone.

Wild Bill Hickock
Cisco Kid


2. The Science Fiction Collection

Buck Rogers

Some 630 Different Episodes from a host of memorable science
fiction radio series and shows, including the following...

2000 Plus, Alien Worlds, Aliens in the Mind, Beyond Tomorrow, Buck Rogers, Dan Dare, Day of the Triffids, Dimension X, Exploring Tomorrow, Flash Gordon, Invisible Man, Orbit, Secret of Dominion, Silent Planet, Space Patrol, Journey Into Space and Starship Titanic.

Many hours of SciFi MP3 listening pleasure on an exciting DVD Volume.

Orson Welles


3. Detective/Crime Mystery Coll.

 A huge collection of 3,476 Episodes & Shows from many well known Detective & Crime/Mystery radio shows, including the following...

Five Minute Mystery, Adventures of Phillip Marlowe, Adventures of Sam Spade, Big Guy, Big Town, Calling All Cars, Casebook of Gregory Hood, Casey Crime Photographer, Charlie Chan, Crime Classics, Crime Club, Crime Does Not Pay, Crime Files of Flamond, Dick Tracy, Dr Tim Detective, Dragnet, Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries, The Falcon, Famous Jury Trials, Gangbusters, House Detective Becker, Miss Sherlock, Mr District Attorney, Mr Moto, Murder by Experts, Murder Clinic, Nick Carter, Out of the Night, Police Headquarters, Secrets of Scotland Yard, Sherlock Holmes, That Hammer Guy, The Avenger, The Saint, The Shadow, The Whistler, This is your FBI, Whitehall 1212, and Johnny Dollar.

Many hours of MP3 listening pleasure on Four exciting DVD Volumes in this section alone.


4. The Horror Collection

A big collection of 1,913 Episodes & Shows from many well known Horror/Suspense radio series, including the following...

Aliens in the Mind, Black Chapel, Black Mass, Black Museum, Blue Beetle, Boris Karloff, Cabin B13, Creaking Door, Dark Fantasy, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, Hall of Fantasy, Haunting Hour, Hermits Cave, House of Mystery, Incredible But True, Inner Sanctum, Lights Out, Mysterious Traveller, Quiet Please, Sealed Book, Shadow of Pharoah, Sleep No More, Strange Doctor Weird, Suspense, Tales From The Tomb, Unspeakable Secrets, Weird Circle.

Many hours of MP3 listening pleasure on Two DVD compilations in this section.

Lights Out

 PLUS    ~   PLUS    ~   PLUS

ALL the above at a special Package Price -  PLUS ALSO receive:-

1. Our nostalgic disc of 151 wonderful Old Time Radio sponsors' commercials advertising
everything from cars to toothpaste, beer to cigarettes, soups to washing powders and much more  plus now also

 2. The Ultimate Collection of Old Time Radio Speeches & Famous Broadcasts - a huge and fascinating collection in its own right! These big bonus collections are usually sold separately for good money elsewhere and are Not to be Missed!

INCLUDED in the above are over 50 speeches from Churchill, nearly 200 from the Ronald Reagan years, also historical broadcasts from Eisenhour, Roosevelt, Truman, Hitler, Mussolini, Goebbels, Chamberlain, Macarthur - even Tokyo Rose is included in the WWII section along with famous broadcasts such as news bulletins about Pearl Harbour, declarations of war and peace and much more.  Another section, Voices from History” includes famous and historical broadcasts and radio clips such as “The Eagle Has Landed” from Tranquility base, Reagon’s “Tear Down That Wall”, Nixon’s “Not a Crook” denial, JFK’s “Ask Not”, and Roosevelt’s “Day of Infamy” broadcast.   Also included are such memorable clips as Einstein’s views on the bomb, Ghandi talking, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marconi, Thomas Edison, even the voices of H. G. Wells and Florence Nightingale are included among many early radio transmissions. Lenin gets a look in with a translated radio speech from 1919, also sports personalities (three from Babe Ruth for example), Amelia Earhart, and too many more to mention.  In other words, this is an extremely rich and highly varied collection and certainly an historically important one containing many, many hours of listening. Why pay a fortune when you can get it free?

*NOTES: 1. Be aware that naturally the sound quality of Old Time Radio recordings vary widely.
2. Although much of the underlying material is in the Public Domain due to its age or distribution rights, some material is exclusive
to us and additional editing or other improvements have also been carried out making this varied package a unique offering
compiled over much time and available only from us in this form.
*3 . We believe the material is all copyright free and is offered in good faith only on that basis but if you own the copyright
of any material
included please let us know so it can be removed. Additionally purchasers of the package also agree
to remove such material in the same manner if a copyright owner becomes known.

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Old Time Radio 12x DVDs

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Sales Terms


1. In common with other copiable software publishers we are not able to offer sale or return facilities.
2. Customer details are kept confidential and privacy is respected. Please advise at time of ordering if you do not wish to receive details of similar compilations if they become available.
3. We  reserve the right of refusal to supply and/or to change prices without prior notice.
4. Purchasers may not copy or distribute the DVDs and by placing an order are deemed to have accepted the Terms and agree to abide by them.

5. A purchase is for the supply of goods only and does not include the right implied or otherwise to business and/or marketing advice and should any be offered it shall be in good faith only.
6. All content of DVDs
should be transferred to a hard drive immediately upon receipt. Any disc found to be faulty at that time will be replaced but we cannot be held liable for any mechanical fault, damage or loss arising from the use of the media or for its long term continued viability.
7. Note the return provisions of the Distance Selling Regulations do not apply to CDs, or DVDs of copiable software.






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