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 1. Quality before Quantity - Timecamera offers good-sized images designed specially for Digital Print Making. 2. Restored & Enhanced in our studios for print Saleability. 3. Copyright Safe - all the Restorations are Unique to us. 4. All collections come with valuable Print Selling Permission.




THERE'S nothing like a parade and among the most interesting - and photogenic - were those organized by various U.S. fire-fighting departments to show off their personnel alongside the well polished equipment.

 Several attractive period images of fire fighter parades still survive today - such as our collection of uniquely restored and enhanced images below which are included on a fascinating Compilation Disc of master files to create your own prints for display or to sell for cash (print sellers permission included). Click on the thumbnail images for Reduced Size samplers.

 DVD or USB Stick?
The standard collection on disc  is offered here or visit Here for the optional Premium Edition on USB Flash Memory Stick which includes our 22-page Quick Start Manual.

 The actual panorama sizes vary up to 30inches wide, some 22inches, depending on the original source material.

 Go Here to order this great collection at a very special price and to review examples of some of the Bonus non-panoramic vintage photos and prints also included on the disc, such as the rare Darktown print (right) from c1884 - one of several included,

 For info on how you can print panoramas go HERE.

Click on some of the following panorama examples (copyright protected and reduced in size & resolution). Each has proven itself as a ready seller during our Prints test-marketing phase ...


Gary Fire Department 1914 lex1921.jpg (64272 bytes) Lexington Parade 1921


Port1sm.jpg (60315 bytes) Portland Fire Dept.#1 1920 Port2sm.jpg (54533 bytes) Portland Dept. #2 1920


niagara.jpg (46501 bytes) Niagara Fire Dept. 1921 middletown.jpg (72754 bytes) Middletown 1914

Bonus Just Added
Also now included on the disc is a complete scan of a book for use with Adobe Reader -
Fires & Fire-Fighters by John Kenlon, c1913 'a history of modern fire-fighting with a review of its development from earliest times' 529 pages


canton.jpg (81027 bytes)


Canton, Ohio Fire Dept. 1913


springfield.jpg (72948 bytes)


Springfield, Ohio Fire Service 1917


Right now our dealer collection of Firefighting Panoramas also includes a free extra bonus of FIVE turn of the century movie clips in MPEG format for your entertainment featuring various Fire Depts and their equipment on parade or in action. This is in addition to the great non-panoramic prints and photos already included. Order now!

OUR dealer compilation of vintage Firefighting Panoramas and prints includes several size and tint variations up to 30 inches in width, with proportional depth depending on the originals. At the sizes included the resolution is at its optimum for these antique images. Also included is a great bonus selection of antique prints and photos up to 10x8".
ORDER YOUR COPY Here after reviewing technical info and Terms of Use Here.


 All our panoramas are Premium Editions, being fully restored and enhanced for home computer printing and our CDs come with full 'Print' resale permission. Framed panoramas look particularly attractive and find a ready market in all kinds of outlets. The compilation is sold on the basis that the print-outs shall not be misrepresented or re-sold as original photographs or prints. More information on the Fire-fighting compilation HERE


As Good As the Originals?

WE are often asked if our reproductions are just as good as the originals. The answer is simply "No" - They Are Better! Our entire range benefits from painstaking hours of restoration, cleaning, retouching and enhancing.

 For example, most archived originals were split into sections for storage, resulting in a break-up of the image as shown above. Those join lines are carefully removed with cloning and predictive techniques so the panoramas are once again viewable as one long, continuous banner style image.


WE have an attractive range of 'Print & Sell Your Own' Fire Fighting images featured on the Panorama and Antique Print

Examples - Click on Picture for more Details
of our Firefighting Compilation CD.

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