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 1. Quality before Quantity - Timecamera offers good-sized images designed specially for Digital Print Making. 2. Restored & Enhanced in our studios for print Saleability. 3. Copyright Safe - all the Restorations are Unique to us. 4. All collections come with valuable Print Selling Permission.



 Digging Up the Past...

AMONG the most interesting - and photogenic - image panoramas were those showcasing the industries of the past, depicting as they do the primitive equipment and working conditions of the day. A very popular subject, and one ideal for the panoramic format were Mines and Mining, whether for gold, silver, coal, copper or a host of others minerals.
Several period U.S. ones survive today, and a selection is offered below from our Print & Sell Your Own" disc compilation, which also includes a digital selection of antique Prints and Photos - all specially restored and enhanced for making authentic looking Repro Prints. It can be ordered Here at a bargain price.

 Click on the thumbnail images for Reduced Size samplers. The actual panorama sizes vary up to 30inches wide, some 22inches, depending on the original source material.

 For info on how you can print panoramas go HERE.


Our image compilation (includes dealers' print selling permissions) of the following specially enhanced digital restorations also includes a number of size and tint variations, together with a great selection of standard format 10x8" prints and photos too.
Go Here for more details of all the extras included.

Some picture examples (Copyright Protected and reduced in size & resolution)

Biddick Mine, Wisc. 1915 Buttesmall.jpg (45828 bytes) Butte Mine 1914


coppermine.jpg (123695 bytes) Old Dominion Mine 1909 galenamine.jpg (89190 bytes) Galena Mine


miners.jpg (86241 bytes)


Miners Convention 1919


mohawkmine.jpg (89333 bytes)


Mohawk Gold Mine 1906


This month our dealer collection of Mining Panoramas etc also includes THREE free bonus turn of the century movie clips in MPEG format for your entertainment including Pennsylvania coal fields in 1904, plus S.A. Gold and Diamond Mines! This is in addition to the saleable vintage photos and prints already included. Order your CD now.

OUR dealer compilation of vintage Mining Panoramas and prints includes several size and tint variations up to 30 inches in width, with proportional depth depending on the originals. At the sizes included the resolution is at its optimum for these antique images. Also included is a great bonus selection of antique prints and photos up to 10x8" (samples and to order a copy Here). Be sure to review the general info and the Terms of Use Here.

 All our panoramas are Premium Editions, being fully restored and enhanced for computer printing and our CDs come with full 'Print' resale permission. Framed panoramas look particularly attractive and find a ready market in all kinds of outlets. The compilation is sold on the basis that the print-outs shall not be misrepresented or re-sold as original photographs or prints. A true quality product with great scope for general sales or specialist collector/dealers.

More information on the Mining compilation HERE


As Good As the Originals?

WE are often asked if our reproductions are just as good as the originals. The answer is simply "No" - They Are Better! Our entire range benefits from painstaking hours of restoration, cleaning, retouching and enhancing. For example, most archived originals were split into sections for storage, resulting in a break-up of the image as shown above. Those join lines are carefully removed with cloning and predictive techniques so the panoramas are once again viewable as one continuous banner style image.

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Fire Dept. Parades


Beauty Parades

American Indians


More info here on our range of mining panoramas, antique prints and photos for you to print and sell from our Mining Compilation Disc.

General Technical Info about all the panoramas is included Here together with Terms of Use.

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Copyright 2006-19 C.& M.A.Smith/Timecamera. All prints and photographs featured on this site are the result of extensive restoration work and are protected Internationally under strict Copyright Law. No images or written text shall be reproduced without our express written permission. Sales are offered on the basis that the images shall not be misrepresented or sold onwards as originals.